Previous Clients

Names changed to protect client identities

I have had the joy of experiencing life coaching sessions with Jake for over a year. I truly appreciate his organic and spiritual approach to our sessions. I am grateful for his insightful awareness that encourages me to process at my own pace of understanding and realization. I leave our sessions at peace and with a feeling of certainty that I AM, I can accomplish anything, and that anything is possible! Thank you, Jake.

– Chris –

Working with Jake helped give me practical tools to manage my anxiety and depression. I’m far more confident in my ability to not let feelings of panic or despair rule me. Working with Jake was a huge part of that and its all been a great process! Our work has been really life-changing.”

– Melissa –

I’ve always been terrified of therapy. The thought of talking about the things I’ve been through with a stranger halts me. But I knew if I didn’t do something about the way I viewed and thought of myself, I’d be in the same place I’d always been. So, I reached out to Jake and set up an appointment. The first session was odd… I’d never been in a situation where I was just expected to talk about the things that weigh on my heart. Not to mention, I had no clue where to even begin. In just a few weeks it became something I looked forward to. Having someone there whose sole purpose is to listen to what I had to say was invigorating. It made me feel like I mattered; like I was meant to be heard by one person. Nobody knows me as well as Jake does.

– Brandon –

I recently moved to Denver in hopes of finding someone to build a foundation with but due to my XL shirts and my 42-inch waist, I am a zero to gay men; I’m a no-go; I’m defected. The community here has made me feel repulsive… and “less-than” based solely on my physical appearance. But in one of our sessions, Jake said something that stuck with me: “You think that there’s nobody out there whose interests/values match yours… don’t you think there’s some other guy sitting in his therapist’s office wondering where you are?” That stopped me in my tracks. I hadn’t thought about someone looking for me… I’ve only ever viewed one side of the equation. The possibility of having someone out there yearning for the love I have to offer brings me immense promise. And Jake gave that to me.

– Brian –

Previous Couples

Names changed to protect client identities

Megan and Richard

No one wants to come to the point in a relationship when you are no longer working well together. My husband and I went to see Jake at one of those times. I’m not going to sugar coat it as our sessions were hard, but that was the hard work we needed to get back on track. Jake never took sides, but helped us both to look more clearly at our roles in the larger problems.

– Megan –

Speaking with a counselor can be difficult. But, Jake made us feel comfortable and acted as a fair and impartial intermediary. As a man, communication can be hard enough, and it can be frustrating to only have female counselor input. So it was refreshing to have a fair & balanced male voice involved with relationship issues. I believe Jake provided the tough, honest input my relationship needed.

– Richard –

Bob and Carol

My husband and I have been together for eleven years and were struggling with communication and patience within our marriage. We attended counseling session with Jake to address these concerns. Jake made our sessions comfortable and productive by actively listening and not judging either partner.

Jake provided us with a variety of tools individually, and as a couple, to increase our patience levels in the relationship and bring our different communication styles together.

Together, we have been actively using the tools provided in counseling and feel that our marriage has improved as a result.

– Carol –

Katie and Benjamin

My husband and I began seeing Jake when our marriage was at a crossroads. Jake created a place for us to explore our issues, our strengths and our weaknesses without judgement. He also helped us to develop our own skills so that we were able to implement what we learned with him outside of therapy. This helped us to create space outside of therapy to check-in with each other. Jake helped identify the source of our trust issues and repair the damaged foundation of our relationship. Jake was honest, even when it was probably hard to be honest. But he was able to speak so truthfully because it was evident he genuinely cared for my husband and I and was invested in a successful outcome. I don’t know if we would still be together if it weren’t for Jake and now I feel like we’ve never been closer as a couple.

– Katie –

I began visiting Jake for marriage counseling during a very difficult time of my relationship with my wife. Obviously, the topics that were discussed during our sessions were difficult and uncomfortable. However, from the very first session, Jake immediately put me at ease and created a comfortable, nonjudgmental and safe environment in which to begin working through the issues of our relationship. He also helped my wife and I learn and develop the skills to continue our progress outside of our routine visits, which allowed us to continue the healing process on our own time and to develop strategies and tools for long-term growth and healing together. In short, Jake helped my wife and I repair the foundation of our relationship. Although I would never choose to revisit any of the experiences that brought me into Jake’s care, I would in a heartbeat trust him again to help me find my way through the darkness. 

– Benjamin –


Jake Lohwater is a masterful facilitator and life guide. Some of the best tools in his toolkit are powerful questions. While the following silences can be uncomfortable they inevitably lead to a breakthrough for me. If you are looking for someone to help and support you in your personal growth look no further.

– James –

Jake has been a wonderful leader and guide for our group. He embodies authenticity, compassion, and wholehearted living. I see Jake being a great guide to anyone reflecting upon their life, their purpose, and their integrity.

– Janice –

Jake leads with his heart. He inspires me in out-of-the-box introspection, allowing me to find my own way within his groups. He is a great leader and a wonderful person.

– Justin –

Jake has gifts of emotional and relational intelligence and a highly fluid capacity for learning. His use of himself is direct and open with unlimited potential.

– Diane –

Jake truly embodies what I think a therapist should be: a person of integrity, diligent with their efforts to benefit others, and having the ability to take a wide perspective with how they can best help clients. Jake has always been mature, thoughtful, present, and willing to seek out help when he needs it. His integrity, ability to think critically, and his excellent listening and non-judgmental presence are some of the skills and values that make him an excellent therapist and coach. He is a trustworthy and hardworking individual and he embodies exactly what I would look for in a therapist and coach.

– Evan –

Jake is incredibly reliable. He is constantly engaged and actively seeking ways to improve himself and his clients. Jake exudes professionalism, good judgment, empathy, extreme patience, and leadership. He is a strong leader, very sensitive to the needs of those around him and will sacrifice his own desires for the betterment of others.

– Billy –

Jake is a kind and thoughtful human being with a strong interest and ability for helping others. He always puts the needs of his clients first and works diligently to meet those needs. Jake is courageous, big hearted and wise, but most of all empathetic when working with clients.

– Gillian –

I have found Jake to be a compassionate, empathetic and devoted outdoor leader. He has a giving and generous nature and a presence and patience that suits him well in the outdoor industry.

– Jill –

Jake is very gifted in terms of personality and interpersonal skills. He is very sensitive to interpersonal nuances and realistic in his expectations. His disposition is very caring, open-minded and professional. Jake works hard and is dedicated to both improving himself and working towards his own personal goals. He maintains a professional as well as compassionate relationship with all those he encounters. He is optimistic, yet realistic and exudes kindness, empathy and creativity in all that he does; placing him in the top ten percent of all clinicians with whom I have worked.

– Tricia –

Jake is a gem. He has outstanding clinical skills. His strengths and skills seem to be above the level expected of a therapist of comparable training and experience. Jake can be described as mature, confident, professional, employing excellent communication skills with clients, couples, colleagues, and outside providers, being self-motivated, a team player and willing to go above and beyond his assigned responsibilities, having excellent judgement and is able to make quick decisions, having an ability to accurately assess and diagnose, being able to apply a well-developed and intentional theoretical approach, practicing ethically, proactively seeking supervision appropriately and being open to feedback, and having a positive manner in approaching each day. Jake is bright, mature, personable, highly energetic, hardworking, and focused. I am struck by his intellectual curiosity and his confidence in working with clients and couples. Overall, Jake is a joy to work with!

– Stephanie –


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