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“I can’t go on this way.

It’s time for a change.”

You’re in the right place. Nature-based therapy and relationship coaching can help you. Getting out of the ‘story box’ can help you find your answers and find your happiness again.

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Jake Lohwater, LCSW is a Wilderness Therapist and Relationship Coach working with individuals and couples to address the new human condition of stress, overwhelm, mild anxiety, and mild depression. As our culture speeds up, it can be easy to experience challenges keeping up. Taking time to settle in and address what’s really going on can help create more ease and peace of mind.

Hello, I’m Jake Lohwater

Wilderness therapist & licensed relationship coach.


What brought you to this site today? Something is pushing you to reach out. I can help you!

You’re bored, alone, frustrated, or unsure about what to do. You know something needs to change but what? And how? You aren’t where you want to be. Your relationships aren’t where you want them to be. You’re imagining that life could be so much more than it is right now.

I’ve been there. I can relate. Just call. I’ll guide you through the process of therapy or coaching whether we work together or not! I will help you sort through your options to discover the answers you’re looking for.

Have a look around. See which service is right for you.

It’s my goal is to create a comfortable, safe environment where we’ll write your success story together.

Individual Therapy

Couples Therapy

Nature Therapy

EMDR Therapy

Life Coaching

If you aren’t sure which is right for you, then give me a call. My free phone consultations will help you find your answers.

How do I know I’m ready for therapy? 

  • You’ve felt angry, sad, or “not myself’ for awhile now.

  • You’ve lost the love & happiness that you once had and want it back. 

  • You’ve tried to fix it yourself but now you’re ready to get proven results. 

  • You’re motivated to do the hard work of therapy or coaching. 

  • You have the time, money, and energy to put toward changing your life forever. 

“I feel the most rock-solid in my relationship now.”

Recent individual client 

“I know my partner more than I ever have.”

Recent couples therapy client

7 Ways to Feel Better Now

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