About Me

I believe there is more to life


And I work with people looking for more from life…more meaning, purpose, passion, and joy. At the core of my practice,


“I help people redefine their purpose in life and I help couples rediscover their passion in their relationship.”


I understand that finding a counselor that you feel comfortable with and can trust is the most important step in seeking support. As a result, I work diligently to create a safe and empowering environment that invites empathy, compassion, and humor into every session. I support clients in their change process with thoughtful reflection, building on skills and successes, and empowering action through accountability and support. If we both agree to work with each other, we can bring about real and lasting change in your life as a team. 


Why more?

Because I got tired of a whole lot less

Personal Experience

“I used to be miserable.” 

Angry, alone, depressed, and pretty much sleepwalking through my life. I was working a job I hated, going through a divorce, drinking and smoking too much to cope, and hopelessly waiting for something, anything, to change. Rest, rinse, repeat. For years. 

I was stuck, dealing with crippling shame and self doubt about what to do about it all. I felt confused, isolated, and miserable in my work, my relationships, and my family life. Ironically, on the surface my life looked great to everyone else but I was actually slowly drowning inside. I knew there was something more to life and I knew that I wanted to find it. So I started to work on it. Diligently. For years. 

“I’ve spent most of my life looking for a more fulfilling and more authentic way of being and I’m thankfully living more of that life every day.”

This authentic life started with being more honest with myself and those closest to me. It wasn’t easy or pretty but I reclaimed a life that I’m excited about living. Ultimately, I’m grateful for the journey I’ve made to be who I am today. 

And naturally, I want to continue supporting people in finding their most authentic life and living it. That’s the work I’m passionate about.

“That’s my promise to my clients…..

I help people find their most authentic life, develop the skills and tools to make it a reality, and support them as they achieve their goals.” 

Professional Qualifications

I am a licensed psychotherapist and life coach for women, men, couples and groups. I have been counseling and coaching women, men, couples, families and groups of all ages and life stages since 2009. Many years ago, I found my passion for helping people as an outdoor educator and wilderness therapy guide in wilderness therapy programs in Colorado and Utah. I have worked extensively with children, youth, adults, couples, and families in outdoor education programs, public and alternative schools, day treatment schools, community-based mentoring organizations, substance abuse facilities, and outpatient counseling centers. I completed a two-year trauma study between 2014 and 2016 with high-conflict families experiencing educational differences, active trauma; mental health needs; substance use and addictive behaviors; intergenerational trauma, abuse, and neglect.

“My therapeutic approach integrates various models to support clients through healing, growth transformation, and ultimately sustainable change.” 

These techniques include neuro-plasticity education and training, humanistic and existential thought philosophies, trauma-informed care, right-brain activation and survival-brain education, solution-focused brief treatment, and acceptance and commitment therapy. Some of my couples therapy techniques incorporate the Gottman method, emotion-focused therapy, neuro-dynamic couples therapy, attachment-based therapy, conflict management and conflict resolution skill building, non-violent communication. I specialize in helping people of all ages to redefine purpose in their lives and rediscover passion in their relationships.

“I am most passionate about helping people discover and live their truest self in all areas of their lives.” 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Colorado

CO-LCSW #09925317

Certified 4 Gateways Coach and Facilitator

Visit 4 Gateways Coaching Website

Master of Social Work (MSW), Children, Youth & Families Concentration

Metropolitan State University of Denver

Bachelor of Science (BS), Business Marketing

Winthrop University

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Are you ready for


of what you really want from life?


I admire the strength it takes to seek counseling and coaching services and will always treat you with respect and care. I truly enjoy supporting people discover for themselves more connection and more vitality in their lives and in their relationships.

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